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Dear Beautiful, Radiant Being of Light,

My name is Valerie Rickel, and I’m the founder, creator and “soul” of SoulfulLiving.com, and I am thrilled to share my coaching program, the *Divine Spark Sessions* with you.

The *Divine Spark Sessions* program is a journey into your heart and soul to discover your highest calling, life purpose and Truth – your Divine Spark – your beautiful, unique, miraculous expression of the Universe and all creation!

You were born with unique gifts and a divine life purpose to fulfill. You are here for a very important reason. Your gifts and light are needed by the world.

Discovering my life purpose – my light – the reason I was born – has been, far and away, THE most meaningful and important discovery of my lifetime.

Every day, when I wake up, I feel a wonderful tingle deep in my heart. It’s a little hard to describe the exact feeling, but it’s a happy, giddy, deep knowing that I have a special gift – an important purpose in the world… and that I am doing work that I LOVE!! I am eager to jump out of bed to greet each day to manifest my passion and purpose.

It is an incredible feeling to feel *so alive* and be living a life of purpose, and that is why I am SO passionate about helping other people find, create, and live a soulful, joyful, deeply fulfilled, and purposeful life.

But, it wasn’t always this way.

After college, I was working in a career as a marketing director in the shopping center industry. It was fun, creative work, but, in 1998, after my father passed away, it became glaringly clear to me that I needed to do more meaningful work in the world. The brevity and preciousness of life became so crystal clear, I knew I could not spend one more single, precious moment of my life doing anything less than what is most meaningful to me – and that is helping people live a soulful life.

My soul had been “called.” And, that “calling” led to the creation of my website. SoulfulLiving.com is my gift – my Truth – my light – my *Divine Spark.*

I was very open and receptive to receiving this *divine gift* and made a strong commitment to creating and manifesting it. In a matter of just four months, I went from dreaming of “the possibility of SoulfulLiving.com” to launching the website! This “calling” required me to work hard and learn new skills, but it never felt like work – it felt like play – the most fun I had had in years! My heart was singing, because I was living and working in the wonderful flow of Divine creation.

I made a commitment to myself to launch SoulfulLiving.com on January 1, 2000, in memory of my father and in honor of our New Millennium. And, that, I did! You can learn more about the story of the creation of SoulfulLiving.com here.

What I have discovered is this: When you are “living on purpose” – in the greater flow of the Universe – keeping an open heart and mind – open to receiving divine gifts, signs, symbols, and synchronicity, that MIRACLES ABOUND! I write about this more in my blog, “Everyday Miracles.”

The Divine is always speaking to us… When you’re in the flow of purposeful creation, it’s like being tuned into a Divine radio channel – a channel of Divine love, creativity, and flow that is helping guide us to our Highest purpose!

The *Divine Spark Sessions* is the newest manifestation of my life purpose. Similar to SoulfulLiving.com, the Sessions have also felt “divinely gifted,” and, again, when I received this beautiful gift, I made a firm commitment and prayed for the courage and energy to bring it to the world quickly, and I followed through.

Creating the *Divine Spark Sessions* took courage and commitment. It pushed me out of my comfort zone… often. Sometimes the Universe asks us to do that – to step out of our comfort zone and make changes. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Manifesting our Highest good can sometimes be a little… uncomfortable. But, we can trust that the Universe will help guide and support us, so long as we are able to make the personal commitment to take the first steps.

And, the result of following our Highest calling and living a life of purpose? Sheer BLISS!!

While I was creating the Divine Spark Sessions, I experienced a FLURRY of clustered signs and symbols – a “Divine Swarm,” if you will. I began seeing stunning signs all around me that I had previously attached meaning to as “positive signposts” – a “thumbs up” from the Universe – letting me know that I was on the right path!

So, when these signs began appearing with GREAT abundance, I knew, without a doubt, that I was living my purpose and being Divinely guided! There were times when I was so astonished at the frequency and number of signs, that all I could do was shake my head, smile and laugh. But, truthfully, I was not at all surprised, as I have experienced the miraculous unfoldment of similar synchronistic adventures while creating other purposeful projects in my lifetime, such as SoulfulLiving.com.

And, as I sit here tonight, writing this letter to you, I have witnessed more Divine signs – positive signposts from the Universe that the words and personal story I am sharing here with you are an important part of the Sessions and of this journey. (I say a prayer of gratitude for these signs.)

Here is what I know for sure: Once you commit wholeheartedly to living and creating your Highest calling and purpose in the world, the Universe will conspire to help manifest your gifts.

The Universe will pull out all the stops… It will inspire you as the quiet whispers of your soul when you sleep at night, or in prayer, or while doing mundane, mindful tasks, such as washing dishes, while showering, or brushing your teeth (that is when I *heard* the word, “SoulfulLiving.com”). It will give you signs, open doors, lead you on the path to your Highest good. It has been waiting for you to discover and realize your Truths – your beautiful unique expression in the world – the reason you were born.

The Divine energy is so pleased and giddy with pleasure in seeing you come into your Truth, that it will do everything within its limitless, omnipotent power to see to it that you are able to manifest your beautiful gifts in the world!

We are always guided. We just need to have faith and trust that the next step will present itself, and the next step, and the next step… in Divine time. So long as we are living in alignment with our heart and soul – our Truth – our Divine Spark, we can trust and have faith that we will be guided.

Let the Light of Your Heart Guide Your Way

That is what I am asking of you. To make your own personal commitment to finding your unique gifts, your Truth, the Divine Spark inside of you – to have faith and trust in the journey and take your first steps. Let’s journey this miraculous, purposeful path together!

The *Divine Spark Sessions* promise to be an exhilarating and deeply meaningful journey of personal insights, self discovery, manifestation, and LIGHT! The program is the culmination of over nineteen years of my own “life purpose” work and experiences, training, research, study, and, most importantly, the wisdom in my heart and soul.

I hope you will join me for this exciting adventure that could lead you to one of THE MOST important and meaningful discoveries of YOUR lifetime!

I look forward to working with you to help you discover, manifest and live your life purpose, and I cannot wait to see the beautiful, divine gifts that you manifest. It will be a great honor to be your *guide* on this important life journey!

(The Divine Spark in me honors the Divine Spark in you.)


Valerie Rickel
Founder and Soul
SoulfulLiving.com and Divine Spark Sessions

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I’m Very Pleased to Offer Two Types of Individual, 1:1 *Divine Spark* Coaching Sessions:

Life Purpose Coaching
Soulful Business Coaching

Meet Your Session Guide
About Valerie Rickel…

Valerie RickelValerie Rickel is a Life Purpose, Business and Marketing Coach and the Founder and Creator of SoulfulLiving.com, a popular, 20-year-old online magazine and community devoted to personal growth and spiritual development. She is also the Lead Coach, Founder and Director of the Divine Spark Sessions.

Valerie’s greatest passion in life is living a soulful, purposeful life and helping others do the same.

A creative entrepreneur by nature, Valerie is also a writer, designer, photographer, and product developer and enjoys spending her time creating heart-centered, soulful ventures and supporting other entrepreneurs in pursuit of their creative dreams. For the past 20 years, she has been offering business coaching, marketing consulting, and design services to a wide variety of soulful clients and entrepreneurs, as The Creative Soul® at TheCreativeSoul.com.

Her business client roster includes best-selling authors, thought leaders, visionaries, spiritual luminaries, life coaches, psychologists, yoga teachers, personal trainers, wellness experts, jewelry designers, artists, and many other creative souls, soulful dreamers and entrepreneurs.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Valerie has been indulging her creative soul through the birthing of a variety of soulful dreams over the last two decades. These projects have included the development and creation of SoulfulLiving.com, an award-winning website and community that Valerie launched at midnight on January 1, 2000, in honor of the New Millennium. Over the past 20 years, she has published thousands of articles at Soulful Living, sharing the wisdom of hundreds of best-selling authors and experts in the fields of personal and spiritual growth. Today, the website’s Facebook page reaches over 100,000 fans. The creation of SoulfulLiving.com was inspired by the passing of Valerie’s father, and she considers this soul project to be her soulful life calling and one of the most meaningful experiences of her lifetime.

in 2001, Valerie developed an ecommerce store to complement the offerings at SoulfulLiving.com. Originally named “The Mandala Collection,” the gift store offers sacred jewelry, art, and meditation and yoga products, and is known today simply as The Soulful Living Boutique. Her love for mandalas led her to design and develop Mandala Soap in 2006, a collection of soulful “stained-glass” soap bars embedded with colorful, frameable mandala art images. Her more recent soulful ventures have included the Divine Spark Sessions, a life purpose coaching program, and Dream It. Begin It., a business-startup coaching program for like-minded, soulful entrepreneurs, dreamers and creators.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Valerie now makes her home in beautiful Upstate New York. Prior to pursuing her soulful life dreams, Valerie worked as a Marketing Director in the retail shopping center industry, marketing three of Los Angeles’ largest, upscale, super-regional shopping malls, namely the Westside Pavilion, the Northridge Fashion Center, and the Glendale Galleria. She is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in geography, with a focus in psychology.

Valerie and her website, SoulfulLiving.com, have been featured in numerous print publications, including Carol Adrienne’s book, When Life Changes or You Wish It Would; Pat Sampson’s book,The Power of Positive People; Meg Sanders’ book, The Good Web Guide to Mind, Body and Spirit; The Los Angeles Business Journal; Health magazine; Health and Fitness Magazine; UCLAlumni Magazine; Gospel Today magazine; and most recently, Bryant McGill’s book, Simple Reminders.

You can read more about Valerie here and read her blog, “Everyday Miracles,” here.

Remember that your heart—your truth—will never lead you astray. Let the light of your heart guide your way. — Valerie Rickel

— Valerie Rickel
The Sessions Are For You

✱  Are you ready to awaken to your truth, live your highest purpose and joy, and vibrate at your highest frequency?

✱  Do you have a knowing that you have unique gifts to contribute to the world, if only you could figure out what they are?

✱  Do you want to rise from bed each morning, excited to greet the day, knowing that you’re living your life purpose?

✱  Is your heart asking you to do more purposeful and meaningful work in the world?

✱  Do you avoid getting quiet and connecting with your inner wisdom because it’s asking you to step out of your comfort zone and make changes in your life?

✱  Are you feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied in your career, because you know there is something more for you?

✱  Do you have an inkling, a hunch about your life purpose, but you would like some guidance, encouragement, and support to uncover and explore this inner knowing further?

Divine Spark Sessions

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DISCLAIMER: While, I cannot guarantee that you will discover your life’s purpose as a result of participating in the *Divine Spark Sessions,* I can promise that if you fully participate in the coaching program — do the recommended work, you will grow closer to your inner wisdom and truth and enjoy an exciting and meaningful journey of personal and spiritual growth. And, if you don’t find your life’s purpose by the end of our coaching sessions, don’t despair. The unfoldment of one’s truth is a divine matter, handled in divine time. If you keep an open heart and mind, your life’s purpose may find its way into your heart at any time, perhaps when you least expect it!

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